Behind the scenes of CPBI Regional Council of Ontario


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Behind the scenes of CPBI Regional Council of Ontario


An interview with our Regional Council Member Kaksha Patel

We recently interviewed Kaksha Patel, one of our CPBI Ontario Council volunteers, and our 2023 CPBI Regional Volunteer of the Year Award Recipient - CPBI Ontario.

Kaksha (Kay) Patel

Relationship Manager, Asset Servicing, Northern Trust Canada


Kaksha (Kay) Patel is a professional and customer-oriented Relationship Manager with more than 20 years of experience in financial services. As a Relationship Manager, she serves as the primary and daily contact for her clients on both an operational and strategic level. Kay focuses on matching clients with the right business and technology solutions to meet their operational requirements.
Kay also works to promote client engagement, retention and growth through strategic account planning, risk management, and the best possible customer service to Northern Trust’s pension and global custody clients.
Prior to joining Northern Trust, she was with CIBC Mellon where she managed their Mid–Market Pension and Custody relationships.

Kay's commitment to volunteering is truly admirable. She has taken on multiple roles, showcasing her passion for giving back to her community. Her selfless dedication and willingness to lend a hand is truly inspiring.

  • Chair for Women in Leadership - Canada
  • Leads Northern Trust’s Canada Business Resilience Committee (BRC) and is focused on Aboriginal peoples
  • Committee and council member for Canadian Pension and Benefits Institute (CPBI)

Kaksha Patel has been on Council since January 2020 and since then she has brought a high level of enthusiasm and insight into different initiatives, especially all her work with the annual sponsorship program. Her hard work and dedication are outstanding.

InterviewerKay, How did you get started in this industry?

Kay: I started my first job in the Plan Sponsor space at the Prudential in the U.K. Loved the interaction with people, and problem solving. Had many operational roles - BMO and CIBC Mellon, but have to say  really enjoy being a Relationship Manager at Northern Trust.

Interviewer: Tell us about your yourself, your hobbies, and passions, Kay?

Kay:  I love walking with my Golden retriever, enjoy Yoga and the simple things in life that I am so grateful for. I also have a passion for learning, good thing for me as there’s so much to learn about in this industry.

InterviewerWe would love to know how long have you been involved with CPBI and what do you enjoy most about your involvement with CPBI?

Kay: I have been involved with CPBI for so many years!  I consider it a privilege to work with such an important voice in the Pension and Benefits Industry. But most of all, I love working with CPBI’s dynamic Team and helping to organize signature events. And the networking I get to do is an added bonus. 

Interviewer:  Congratulations on being the recipient of the regional Volunteer of the Year Award in 2023! Can you share with us some of the CPBI initiatives you participated in? 

Kay:  The Economic Forecasts each year since 2020, annual Golf events, Forum, and CPBI’s Sponsorship Committee.

Interviewer:  What is one of the most exciting things going on in the investment industry right now? 

Kay:  Artificial intelligence – This is taking our industry by storm! and we need adapt to the changes and challenges that will inevitably come. CPBI is doing a great job of providing a forum for thought leaders from all corners of our industry.

Interviewer:  Thank you for your time, Kay, you provided a great insight on the industry and it was a pleasure speaking with you!


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