About Us

About the CPBI

The Canadian pension, employee benefits and institutional investment industry is continuously evolving, its laws being changed or updated and new products and ideas are making their way to the top of best practices. Financial crisis, globalisation, the rise of emerging economies are all impacting the way decisions are taken.

Founded in 1960, the Canadian Pension & Benefits Institute is a national, not-for-profit organization that specializes in providing its members with industry-related educational sessions across Canada in the pensions, employee benefits and institutional investment sectors. The CPBI cost-effective, non-biased educational events and networking offerings are the perfect platform to learn, network and exchange on a wide range of topics.

CPBI Mission

To lead the professional development of Canadian pension and benefits industry via networking and educational content and bring people together to build relationships and exchange ideas in a safe, respectful and inclusive environment.

CPBI Vision

Canadian pension and benefits industry professionals turn to CPBI first for high-quality education and networking opportunities.

CPBI Values

We respect Regions’ unique needs, while delivering on CPBI’s national, not-for-profit mandate through:

  • Collaboration
    • CPBI values collaboration by:
      • Encouraging open communication.
      • Sharing knowledge, best practices and learnings.

  • Innovation
    • CPBI values innovation by:
      • Discussing new ideas and trends in the industry and in the association world.
      • Seeking out timely educational topics.
      • Practicing a continuous improvement mindset.

  • Accountability
    • CPBI values accountability through:
      •  Being transparent about our goals, reporting on results and holding ourselves accountable, both internally and externally.

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
    • CPBI values DEI by:
      • Treating everyone with fairness, respect and dignity.
      • Providing access to programs, services and opportunities.
        • Embedding principles of DEI in our education, networking and practices.

  • Sustainability
    • CPBI values sustainability by:
      • Balancing long-term considerations with short-term needs while working in a framework of environmental, social and governance practices.

CPBI Members

CPBI members are individuals involved in the pension, benefits and investment issues in Canada and the United States. Our members are professionals whose services span a range of industry sectors including:

  • Finance & Investment
  • Governments
  • Labour unions
  • Insurance and trust companies
  • Law firms 
  • Human resource consultants
  • Municipalities
  • Universities
  • Professional groups
  • Not-for-profit organizations
  • Media

All Canadian plan sponsors, service providers, consultants and regulators involved in pensions, benefits and investments look to the Canadian Pension & Benefits Institute as their premier forum for continuing education, networking and information sharing opportunities.

Facts about the CPBI

CPBI represents

  • An open forum to share and discuss ideas as well as a gathering place for professionals from the pension, benefits & investment industry.
  • A national gathering point for the presentation of all views through open membership.
  • An extensive network of rich and varied volunteer resources, the driving force of CPBI.
  • Over one hundred accessible and cutting-edge educational programs with high benefits to cost ratio.
  • A dedicated Board of Directors who are representative of the expertise within the industry.
  • Eight active Regional Councils responsible for regional programming in the Pacific, Northern Alberta, Southern Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Québec and the Atlantic Regions.
  • A dynamic National Office responsible for the day to day management of the operations working in synergy with the eight regions to develop quality national programs.

CPBI Organizational Structure 

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