Corporate Challenge Virtual Trivia

Corporate Challenge Virtual Trivia

January 31, 2024 12:00 PM to 1:00 PMOnline - Saskatchewan Time
Area of Interest: Networking Format: Web

Cancellation Policy



Wednesday January 31, 2024
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm SK 


Registration Fee:

FREE for all, but we will need you to register so we can send you the details.



Online via ZOOM

Access information will be sent to all registrants one day in advance, please plan to log in 5 minutes prior to ensure you are present for the instructions at the very beginning.

Login from the office, living room, campsite, or any other location!


Who Should Attend:

Anyone who needs a fun trivia experience! 

CORPORATE CHALLENGE - Register and we will place all registrants from one employer together. Face off with your industry rivals and obtain bragging rights for years to come! 

15 teams max, so do not delay! Register today!


How it will work: 

Instructions will be announced at the beginning of the event but here is an overview:

Corporate Challenge - gather your crew, choose a team captain and brush up on your trivia! 

We will email you 2 days prior to the event to get your team list so we know who you will spend time in a breakout room with!

No limit teams | 5 rounds of questions | Prizes

Easy peasy fun for everyone!



12:00 pm - Welcome from CPBI
12:05 pm - Instructions from Mitch
12:10 pm - Trash talk
12:15 pm - TRIVIA


1) Choose Wisely

2) Before and After: Celebrities and Food/Drink

3) TV Show Character Picture Trivia

4) Choose Wisely Again

5) Lyrically Gifted



Krista Frayn
Phone: (888) 778-3185
[email protected]




Kim Duxbury

Brokers, advisors, consultants, HR personnel and insurers who are involved with drug benefits for employee plans.
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