National Webinar - Manager Fees and the - Value for Money- Equation

National Webinar - Manager Fees and the - Value for Money- Equation

September 26, 2019 1:00 PM to 2:00 PMOnline - Eastern Time Zone
Area of Interest: Investments Format: Web

Investment fees matter for two reasons. One is well known: fees reduce clients’ returns. But this is not the only effect they have—fees also influence your investment manager’s decisions. Lately, institutions from the UK regulator to academic researchers to the world’s largest pension fund have started to pay more attention to the importance of fee structures (not just fee levels). That focus should be welcomed by investors. By developing a better understanding of different fee structures and the incentives they create, we believe clients can improve their chance of finding managers who can deliver long-term value for money.

In this presentation we take a deep dive into investment management fees, exploring the benefits and drawbacks of various fee structures (including lesser known “refundable fees”), and the implications they each have for investors. We also question whether the industry thinks about fees in the right way and introduce the very simple, but rarely discussed, “value for money” equation. With a better understanding of fees, investors (and their managers) can focus on what ultimately matters most—value for their money.

Attend to:
• Understand how major fee structures work, including the pros and cons of each
• Be able to predict how a fee structure will affect returns in different environments
• Be able to apply the “value for money” equation when comparing active manager fees
• Be better positioned to ask investment managers important questions about the incentives created by their fee structures

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Daniel Brocklebank

Dan Brocklebank
Director and Head of UK
Orbis Investments 

Dan Brocklebank is a Director and Head of UK at Orbis Investments—a global investment firm with more than US$35 billion in assets under management. Dan joined Orbis in 2002 as an equity analyst researching energy, industrials and materials sectors. For the last 9 years Dan was responsible for Orbis' team of global sectors analysts based in London. At the same time, he has worked with Orbis' institutional and retail clients to help them understand Orbis' long-term, fundamental and contrarian investment approach. He previously worked at Arthur Andersen. Master of Arts (Honours) in Politics, Philosophy and Economics (Brasenose College, University of Oxford), Chartered Accountant, Chartered Financial Analyst

Dan has over 12 years of experience speaking on various investment topics to a wide range of audiences. As well as regularly representing Orbis as a presenter on investment roadshows in the UK and South Africa, he has spoken at numerous industry conferences and seminars around the world to audiences from Europe, Australasia, North America and South Africa. He has also delivered a number of webinar presentations. Audiences at these events have ranged in size from 10 to 2000+.
Outside of formal presentations, Dan speaks regularly to both existing and prospective institutional clients of Orbis, as well as various members of the media, including The Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times.
With 15 years’ experience as part of Orbis’ investment team, Dan is at home with highly technical investment topics and sophisticated audiences. However, he is equally capable of demystifying investment ideas for audiences with limited – or no – investment background.

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