2014 Inductees

CPBI Hall of Fame

2014 CPBI Hall of Fame

Randy Bauslaugh - Burk Humphrey

Randy Bauslaugh has been a CPBI member since 1987. He chaired the Ontario Regional Council from 1995-1997 and was also a member of the National Board of Directors. Randy chaired the 1995 National Conference in Toronto and he instituted the first regional conference for Ontario. Randy has participated on National Board initiatives to develop a more concrete mission statement for the Institute and helped change the association’s name from the Canadian Pension and Benefi ts Conference (CPBC) to the Canadian Pension and Benefi ts Institute (CPBI). Randy has continued to be involved with CPBI and is a much sought after speaker at numerous CPBI conferences and events.

Burk Humphrey has been involved with the CPBI since 1996. He was a member of the Pacific Regional Council where he held various positions, including chairman of the council in 1997. He has chaired numerous Pacific Regional Conferences and was Chair of the 2011 FORUM Program Committee. Burk was also chairman of the CPBI National Board of Directors from 2007-2009. Burk has continued to be involved with CPBI as a speaker at CPBI events as well as volunteering with the CPBI Alberta South Regional Council.


2014 CPBI Hall of Fame Ceremony

On May 27, 2014 during the CPBI FORUM 2014 gala dinner, Cheryl Neighbour, Chair of the CPBI Board of Directors, introduced the 2014 inductees, Randy Bauslaugh and Burk Humphrey, into the CPBI Hall of Fame. In her speech, Cheryl Neighbour highlighted their dedication and numerous contributions to CPBI, both at the regional and national levels. 

    2014 Hall of Fame inductee - Burk Humphrey 

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