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6:30 PM - 9:30 PM ET

Ottawa River Cruise and Dinner (optional for an added fee - $150, transportation included)

Step on board a 19th Century Paddle Streamer Boat and join us for an unforgettable cruise on the Ottawa River. You will see the natural beauty of the Ottawa region and experience travelling along one of Canada’s most majestic icons. 

The price includes transportation to the marina and back to the Hotel, a 3-hour boat cruise, 1 drink on the upper deck, a full buffet dinner, unlimited networking opportunities and picturesque backdrops and sunset for your sightseeing needs.

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MONDAY JUNE 10, 2024  

9:00 AM - 10:15 AM ET

This interactive workshop is open for plan sponsors only!

Workshop 1 

Don’t Communicate About Your Benefits

Moderator: Chris Lee, Vice president, Gallagher

It’s time to abandon so-called “best practices.” Instead of talking about how competitive your benefit plan is or about coverage amounts, start conversations about health. Mindfulness. Financial goals. In this session you’ll understand exactly why a different approach will yield more effective utilization, a more engaged employee base that wants to start a dialogue and a culture of wellbeing, and most importantly, you’ll have a chance to have the value of how you support your employees’ wellbeing be fully appreciated. Your plans will actually play a role in helping you attract and retain top talent, help your employees be the best versions of themselves, and view your programs as a vital part of their personal wellbeing.

In this workshop:

  1. Build a memorable identity and narrative for your organization’s overall wellbeing program.
  2. Develop resonant categories of wellbeing specific for your organization that your employees will recognize over time as an invaluable part of their personal wellbeing.
  3. Build a vision for truly engaging your employees in a conversation about their wellbeing and health.
  4. Build a real appreciation of the value of how your organization supports wellbeing and financial security, and be able to use your investment to attract and retain talent.

Bring your questions and prepare to share and learn!


 10:30 AM - 11:45 AM  ET

This interactive workshop is open for plan sponsors only!

Workshop 2 

Improving your plan administration and stakeholder experience – IT and operations working seamlessly together

Every plan in the country is constantly trying to become more efficient, reduce ongoing costs and enhance services to its members and other stakeholders, but where is the right place to invest? It could be exciting to go after the latest shiny object the advances of technology have brought to our doorstep, however building new technology on top of outdated process would be akin to building a second story on your house without fixing the cracks in your foundation. This workshop will explore the importance of technological (IT) and process (operations) enhancements being done hand in hand.

In this workshop, we will explore:
• Lessons learned from past experiences
• Success stories and what made them successful
• Building a framework to maximize the chances of success of future modernization initiatives

Bring your questions and prepare to share and learn!

 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM ET


12:45 PM - 1:45 PM ET


From Fear to Freedom (How Changing Gender Transformed My Life)

Kate Madden
In this candid keynote, Kate Madden will share her personal journey of coming out as a transgender woman at the age of 40 after a successful career as an Account Executive at one of the big three insurance companies. Through the course of the hour, Kate will share how this life changing decision impacted her relationships, parenting, friendships, work and – ultimately – identity. Kate recognized a lack of resources and stories of gender transition for people in their 30s, 40s and 50s and started a YouTube channel to share her experiences of gender transition, parenting while Trans, navigating divorce, dating, work, religion and so on and so on; five years later her videos have been watched more than 200K times and has expanded her social media platform to build an inclusive and supportive community. Kate’s story will demonstrate how embracing authenticity and vulnerability can make you a better person, parent, friend, and co-worker and how others can learn from this to help build a more compassionate and inclusive workplace and society.

2:00 PM - 3:00 PM ET

S1 - Pension 

Guarding and Enhancing Board and Committee Reputation in Uncertain Times Through Consistent Communication Strategy

Sherry Sheffman, Director, Strategic Communications, BC Pension Corporation

In a world where uncertainty seems to increase every day, how do we ensure our plan members and interested parties continue to have confidence in the messages we share? This session will demonstrate through real examples how comprehensive multi-year communications strategies with enduring key messages can guard and enhance board reputations even in turbulent times. We’ll start with the importance of connecting communications with your organization’s strategic plan to help you play the long game. From media monitoring to social listening and sentiment analysis, we’ll explore tools and tactics to keep your finger on how your plan and board is being perceived – and what to do when there’s a risk. Lastly, we’ll dive into details like best practices for surveying your members on messaging and how to create metrics to evaluate whether your messages are landing with your audiences.

Actionable takeaways:

  1. Tips and tricks in creating enduring key messages that can withstand ups and downs of economic uncertainty and global turmoil.
  2. Quick reference list of questions to ask your communications professionals and yourself when drafting or reviewing communications plans and products.
  3. Proven, customizable template for multi-year communication strategies with environmental analysis, key message and audience breakdown and workplan

S2-  Benefits  LIVE BROADCAST FROM OTTAWA to online participants

Beyond Conversations – 10 Years After The Standard 


Liz Horvath, Manager, Psychological Health and Safety Opening Minds, Mental Health  Commission of Canada
Farrell Hall, Chief Inclusion Officer, 9 Story Media
Andréane Chénier, PhD, CRSP, National Representative specializing in Health and Safety, CUPE 
Rebecca Smith, Director, Case Management Services at Medavie Blue Cross

Moderator: Addie Greco-Sanchez, President, AGS Rehab Solutions Inc.

It’s been 10 years since The National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace was created. How have workplaces been impacted and what has evolved since its implementation? Although many organizations have utilized this platform for improving workplace culture and protecting the mental health of its employees, many companies are still not familiar with The Standard. This panel discussion will focus on The Standard’s evolution and the changes and learnings that have progressed as a result. Discussion will concentrate on how the Mental Health Commission of Canada and Opening Minds supports employers with implementing psychological health and safety and measures their progress and impact on key performance indicators, including the relationship between psychological health and safety, and diversity, equity and inclusion. We will also learn the experience of other employers’ journey related to implementing The Standard, which is currently under review. Participants will be provided with virtual tools and other resources to assist them with a go-forward and to minimize risk in their organizations.

3:00 PM - 3:30 PM ET



3:30 PM - 4:30 PM ET

S3 - Pension LIVE BROADCAST FROM OTTAWA to online participants

Transformative DEI Integration in Pension Plans: A Comprehensive Discussion from Design to Oversight

Mélinda Bastien, ASA, Principal, Investment consulting, Normandin Beaudry
Raphaëlle Lauture, Communication Consultant, Normandin Beaudry

This session will revolve around the concept of Transformative DEI in Pension Plans. This isn't just about ticking boxes or meeting quotas; it's about fundamentally reshaping the way we design, engage, and oversee pension programs to ensure they are a beacon of inclusivity and financial empowerment for all.

Join us for a dynamic panel discussion where attendees will:

  • Gain insights from employers actively integrating DEI into their pension programs
  • We will explore strategies to design pension plans that are inherently inclusive, accounting for various life circumstances, cultural backgrounds, and socioeconomic factors.
  • Explore how incorporating DEI considerations into investment selection not only aligns with ethical principles but also enhances long-term financial outcomes.
  • We'll share practical tools and methodologies for ongoing oversight, ensuring that DEI remains at the forefront of our pension programs' success metrics.

S4 - Benefits 

Future of work 

Speakers TBC

6 major trends to watch for in 2024

A year after the official end of the pandemic, the world of work is still in the midst of a restructuring. The economic climate, employee health and changes in employee mentality require organizations to continually reinvent themselves in their values, processes and talent management.

During this conference, we'll explore six major trends that are on the horizon and that could once again be a game-changer. We'll analyze their potential impact on the organization's ecosystem and on employees' lives. We'll also look at how tangible and intangible benefits can help businesses adapt to the new reality and create a distinctive and rewarding employee experience.

4:45 PM - 5:15 PM ET


Take part in a holistic experience right outside the Château Laurier Hotel in Major Hills Park. Decompress and breathe is some fresh air before joining us for a fun-filled social evening.

6:30 PM - 9:00 PM ET

Monday Embassy Evening

Ottawa is the capital of Embassies in Canada. Join us for an evening of travel around the world, without the jet lag.

Partake in a friendly putting tournament, savor wine from ancient vineyards, listen to sounds from different Nations, dine on flavors from across the globe and indulge in international delicacies.

Start thinking about your putting partner(s) now!

Sponsored By:

TUESDAY JUNE 11, 2024 

6:30 AM - 7:15 AM ET


Take part in a rejuvenating experience right outside the Château Laurier Hotel in Major Hills Park. Start the day with fresh air and feeling energized for a day full of learning and networking.

7:00 AM - 8:00 AM ETBREAKFAST   
8:00 AM - 9:00 AM ET

Tuesday Keynote Speaker  LIVE BROADCAST FROM OTTAWA to online participants

Chief Clarence Louie has revolutionized the Osoyoos Indian Band through eleven diversified businesses, creating jobs for a thousand people across 1,000 acres. As CEO, his Indigenous economic model has propelled self-sufficient services in business, industry, community, education, and healthcare. Decorated with the Order of Canada and inductee of the Canadian Business Hall of Fame, Chief Louie stands as a monumental figure and voice in advancing First Nations self-reliance and responsibility to change the outcomes for Indigenous populations.

9:00 AM - 9:30 AM ET

CPBI Annual General Meeting   LIVE BROADCAST FROM OTTAWA to CPBI Members

(CPBI Members Only) 

 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM ET

S5 - Pension LIVE BROADCAST FROM OTTAWA to online participants

Work After Work Panel 


Mark Hartlen, President, HRPA Health and Wellness Trust
Kim Ross, Manager, Benefit Services, TTC
Noha El-Banna, Director, Human Resources & Organizational Development, Alberta Pensions Services Corporation
Siobhan O'Brien, Partner, Hicks Morley

Moderator: Joe De Dominicis, Senior Vice President, Health and Wealth Solutions, People Corporation

In Canada, the number of people nearing retirement is at an all-time high. However, many of these workers are not ready to call it quits. Employers are seeing an increase in the number of workers who wish to continue working. This increasingly includes employees who work past the normal retirement age, those who work beyond the maximum age for pension commencement, and those who have retired and return to work. In this session, our expert speakers will explore the issues that arise in these circumstances, including implications for employee benefits coverage and pension plan benefits.

Join our panel discussion to learn about workplace policy development and important legal considerations for employers and sponsors of benefit programs.

S6 - Benefits 

The Empowered Employee

Kim Siddall, National Vice President, Account Management, Mid Large Market. People Corporation

Canadian workers are calling for a new kind of total compensation deal, one marked by greater flexibility and accommodation. This isn’t simply a Gen-Z phenomenon.

According to a People Corporation-sponsored study conducted in 2023, 88 per cent of working Canadians say that the pandemic changed the way they work. Thirty-seven per cent are more conscious of work-life balance. Eighty-two per cent say that programs that accommodate flexible work schedules, sabbaticals and other non-traditional work arrangements would make them more likely to work for their employer. Seventy-nine per cent said the same about discount/perk programs to help employees save money on day-to-day expenses. Seventy-eight per cent said the same about savings plans to help employees save for short-term financial needs.

This session will discuss the evolving expectations of Canadian workers, and what it now means to be an employer of choice. There’s reason for optimism. Group benefit and savings plan sponsors have an opportunity to gain an advantage in the war for talent with creative plan design.

S7 - Investment  

CIO Panel


Tom Valks CFA, CPA, CMA, Chief Investment Officer, Pension Fund and Investment Management, University of Ottawa
Blair Richards, hief Investment Officer at Halifax Port ILA/HEA
Speaker 3 TBC

A panel of three Chief Investment Officers from Funds across Canada will discuss their current investment strategies and trends, areas of new opportunity and the risks they need to consider as part of their investment strategy. Part of the session will include a period where you will be able to ask our panelists questions that are of interest to you.

S8 - French 

Le futur du travail 

10:30 AM - 11:00 AM ET


11:00 AM - 12:00 PM ET

S9 - Pension 

CAP Guidelines Update

David Bartucci, Head, CAPSA CAP Guideline committee member.

S10 - Benefits     LIVE BROADCAST FROM OTTAWA to online participants

Proactive Drug Plan Management for Plan Sponsors


Joe Farago, Executive Director, Market Access, Innovative Medicines Canada
Brad Milson, General Manager, Real World Solutions consulting group, IQVIA
Sandra Ventin, Associate Vice President, Benefits & Health Gallagher Canada

Moderator : John-Paul Dowson - Director, Strategic Consulting, PDCI

Leveraging today’s private market data trends the panel will provide proactive thinking on today’s key drug plan management topics from the lens of what plan sponsors would benefit paying attention to. Topics covered will include private drug claims cost drivers trends, risk management for high cost drugs, virtual care of the future and ensuring value while maintaining access for plan members.

S11 - Investment  

ESG and Pension Plan Governance and Decision-Making

Bonnie Foley-Wong, Sustainable Investment Leader, Canada, Mercer (Canada) Limited
Cara Bourdeau, Sr. HR Consultant, Western University
Speaker 3: TBC

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues are on the agenda of the majority of defined benefit and defined contribution pension plan sponsors. There are many different points of view on ESG and whilst there is no standard approach, pension plan sponsors are taking steps to ensure their governance, monitoring, and decision-making processes are evolving to suit today’s changing landscape.

Attend to learn:

  1. How pension plan sponsors are taking ESG into consideration in plan governance
  2. How portfolio monitoring and reporting frameworks are evolving
  3. What processes are being implemented to support decision-making with ESG information

S12 - French

Comment la technologie peut vous aider à mieux desservir les participants de votre régime

Au courant de la dernière décennie, une emphase accrue est mise sur les services offerts aux participants de nos régimes. Avec les avancés technologique, du nouveau millénaire, il y a maintenant des attentes élevées d’avoir un accès rapide en ligne dans toutes les sphères de la société. Les banques ont habitué la population à avoir accès à leur compte, hypothèques, REER en quelques clics de souris. Je peux consulter les données de ma voiture en ligne, ma laveuse peux m’envoyer un texto quand elle termine son cycle… mais quand est-il des régimes de retraite? Ce domaine n’a pas été un pionnier dans l’avancé technologique que nous avons vécu, mais il commence maintenant à se rattraper. Dans cette présentation, nous allons explorer les différentes facettes de la technologie, au-delà d’un site internet pour les participants, et comment celle-ci peuvent vous aider à mieux desservir vos participants.

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM ET


Choose your topic and join the discussion. Share ideas, listen and learn best practices. 

Organized in the spirit of small group learning and informal conversation, each roundtable is hosted by a pension, benefits or investment professional who will initiate a lively exchange about a topic or industry trend.

1:00 PM - 2:00 PM ET


 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM ET

S13- Pension 

Leveraging Data Analytics and Gen AI in Pensions

Murray Wright, Associate Partner, Retirement & Benefits Solutions, Telus Health 

The key theme is how pension plans can (and should!) be making use of all of the new tools that are available to them to help improve financial outcomes for sponsors and plan members. We link the topics of data analytics and GenAI from two different directions:

Bottom up: Data. Bigger, better data sets can lead to better tools, and GenAI is a great example of where you can get to with a focus on making use of large data sets

Top down: Implementation. Using data analytics to help support better decision making will become best practice. GenAI can help us get there both in the creative process, as well as through helping to code up the required tools. GenAI can also be brought into the decision making process to help with research, project management and the communication of decisions.

Key takeaways are:

  1. Pension plan data needs to be viewed as an extremely valuable asset, and leveraged as such. GenAI is the best recent example of what can be achieved using large data sets
  2. Data analytics applied to existing pension plan data sets can be used in a variety of ways, but most importantly to help drive more effective, evidence-based decision making
  3. GenAI can not only help us build the required data analytics tools, but also help us with research, project management and the communication of any decisions made

S14 - Benefits     LIVE BROADCAST FROM OTTAWA to online participants

Impact of Oncology in the Workplace Panel


Eva Villalba, Executive Director - Quebec Cancer Coalition; Canadian Ambassador for VBHC Center Europe
Dr. Christine Maheu, RN, PhD, McGill University and Co-Director, Research lead, Cancer and Work
Maureen Parkinson, M.Ed., CCRC, Vocational and Rehabilitation Counsellor, BC Cancer (also a cancer survivor), and Co-Director, Content lead, Cancer and Work

This panel will provide a concrete perspective of Oncology in the workplace through a patient's testimonial and bringing key experts to provide tangible approaches on how to navigate a cancer diagnosis, treatment, and the return to work.

S15 - Investment 

How to Mitigate the Risks of a Portfolio

Rajiv Nambiar,Managing Director and Head of Market Services, RBC Investor Services
Giuseppe Pietrantonio, CFA, MBA, Associate, Client Portfolio Manager at CIBC Asset Management

With today’s market environment that is more and more volatile, strategies that can help to reduce the risk of a portfolio have become increasingly important.

During this session, after identifying the different types of risk, the panelists will review strategies that can be used to improve the risk return profile of a portfolio. These include portfolio optimization strategies (currency overlay solutions, securities lending...) and the use of specific asset classes or strategies to build a risk-efficient portfolio with dedicated diversification buckets.

S16 - French

à venir

3:00 PM - 3:30 PM ET


 3:30 PM- 4:30 PM ET

S17 - Pension    LIVE BROADCAST FROM OTTAWA to online participants

Lesson Learned from Recent Pension Litigations

Barbara Walancik-Hatch, Counsel, Dentons
Scott Sweatman, Partner, Dentons 

No plan sponsor or administrator wants to become involved in litigation. As the saying goes, the best offense is a good defence. Plan sponsors and administrators can mitigate their risks by staying abreast of the most recent cases to be decided by the courts or administrative tribunals, which often have lessons to be followed by prudent sponsors or administrators seeking to avoid such litigation. This presentation will feature a discussion of several recent cases with key takeaways for sponsors and administrators on issues such as the risks associated with failure to explain the consequences of missing election deadlines and the importance of complying with collective agreements and terms of reference when adopting plan amendments.

S18 - Benefits 

Addressing Substance Abuse in the Workplace: Strategies for Employers

Toni Harrington MSW., MSc.,D.Sc.(c), Senior Leader, Workplace Intervention and Clinical Services, Homewood Health 
Dr. Sandra Primiano, Ph.D., Psy.D., Vice President, Research, Quality and Clinical Practice, Homewood Health 

This presentation offers practical insights and strategies for employers to address substance abuse within the workplace and support affected individuals. It provides guidance on navigating challenges in the community, accessing appropriate treatment, and fostering a supportive environment. The focus is on empowering employers to create understanding and effective interventions while addressing gaps in care.

Attend this session to:

  1. Understand the impact of substance abuse on the workplace and the importance of supporting individuals with substance use disorders.
  2. Gain insights into the Canadian context of substance abuse treatment, including wait times and actions employers can take while waiting to access care and other resources
  3. Recognize warning signs of substance abuse and understand how to intervene and support individuals in need.
  4. Learn strategies for employers to assist individuals in accessing appropriate treatment for substance abuse issues.

S19 - Investment 

The Importance of Alternative Investments in a Portfolio

Carl Elia, CFA, Vice President & Director, TD Asset Management Inc.
Nelson Lam, Senior Vice-President, Equity and Alternative Investments at Trans-Canada Capital

With the returns of global equity markets becoming more and more correlated, it becomes increasingly important to invest in asset classes that offer a high potential of diversification. Alternative investments are definitely a good candidate to fill such role. In addition, many alternative investments are known to offer good protection in a negative markets environment.

During this session, the panelists will review the different types of alternative investments, including, among others, infrastructure, real estate, private equity, private debt, and discuss the role they can play in a portfolio.

S20 - French 

à venir

4:45 PM - 5:15 PM ET


Take part in a holistic experience right outside the Château Laurier Hotel in Major Hills Park. Decompress and breathe is some fresh air before joining us for a fun-filled social evening.

6:00 PM - 9:00 PM ET

Masquerade Gala Evening

Join us for a special evening filled with allure, entertainment, music, drinks, and decadent food.

We provide the mask; you present the bling.*

Unmask the magic! Step out of the day-to-day and into something extraordinary! 

*Come dressed in what makes you feel glamorous - whether that’s a floor-length gown, a sassy suit, sparkly jewellery or jeans and a funky shirt!


6:30 AM - 7:15 AM ET


Take part in a rejuvenating experience right outside the Château Laurier Hotel in Major Hills Park. Start the day with fresh air and feeling energized for a day full of learning and networking.

7:00 AM - 8:00 AM ET


8:00 AM - 9:15 AM ET

Global and Economic Market Outlook     LIVE BROADCAST FROM OTTAWA to online participants

Some anticipate a high positive return for the equity markets in 2024, while others are more pessimistic. Our three panelists will help you to have a better understanding of what might happen in 2024 in the economy, in general, and in the financial markets, more specifically.

 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM ET

S21- Pension    LIVE BROADCAST FROM OTTAWA to online participants

Hear It Direct From the Source: A Regulatory and Policy Discussion


David Bartucci, Head, Pension Operations and Regulatory Effectiveness, Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRA)
Andrew Donellle, Senior Director, Tax Legistlation Division, Finance Canada
Amar Munipalle, Executive Director, Risk Advisory Hub, OSFI
Haripaul Pannu,
FCIA, FSA, Deputy Superintendent of Pensions at Government of Alberta

Moderator: Jordan Fremont, Partner, Bennett Jones LLP

Pension regulators across Canada continue to be busy developing and updating policies and guidelines impacting pension plan administration and governance. Further, government continues to shape and adopt retirement income and security policy, which guides governing legislation.  This panel discussion provides an opportunity to hear directly from pension regulators representing Alberta, Ontario and the federal regulator, as well as Finance Canada.  The panelists will provide updates on their latest initiatives and matters of interest for pension plan stakeholders.

S22- Benefits 

AI Powered Plan: Opportunities and Challenges 

Panelists TBC

S23 - Investment 

Opportunities in Public Equity Markets

Bryan Pilsworth, CFA, MBA, President & CEO, Portfolio Manager – Canadian Equities, Foyston Gordon & Payne
Dimitar Shapov, Portfolio Manager of our Emerging Markets Equity strategy, Burgundy Asset Management Ltd
Silas Brown, CFA, Managing Director and member of the Global Dividend Growth team, Wellington 

There are many ways to build an equity portfolio: Canadian vs Foreign, Large Capitalization vs Small Capitalization, Developed Markets vs Emerging Markets,…

This session will review the merit of investing in different types of equity markets. This should demonstrate the benefits of the complementarity that may result by taking advantage of the different behavior of those markets.

S24 - French 

Combler l’écart hommes-femmes en santé : solutions pour soutenir la santé des femmes au travail

Sophie Ouellet,  Vice-présidente, développement des affaires, Sun Life

D’après une étude récente, la santé des femmes a été minimisée, négligée ou délégitimisée de façon systématique à travers l’histoire. Le résultat? Des répercussions négatives pour elles quant aux soins reçus, aux traitements suivis et aux diagnostics posés. En plus des injustices et des iniquités sociales relatives à l’accès à des soins de santé et à des traitements, les femmes éprouvent aussi des difficultés sur le marché du travail. Mieux connaître et comprendre cet écart en santé peut favoriser l’équité entre les sexes au travail comme dans la société. La mise en œuvre de politiques et de programmes axés sur la santé des femmes est essentielle pour attirer et fidéliser des talents diversifiés. En partenariat avec Ipsos, la Sun Life a mené une étude sur le manque de soutien en santé pour les femmes dans leur milieu de travail. Nous avons établi et mesuré l’importance relative des enjeux de santé des femmes de différents sous-groupes (les mères et les femmes agissant comme aidantes, les femmes vivant avec une maladie chronique ou un handicap, les femmes faisant partie de la communauté 2SLGBTQIA+, les femmes appartenant à un groupe ethnique ou racial, et les femmes autochtones). Nous avons ensuite ciblé les secteurs actuellement soutenus par les employeurs/les régimes d’assurance et ceux qui auraient besoin d’un soutien accru.

À la fin de cette séance, les participants comprendront mieux :

  • L’expérience de santé des femmes
  • Les solutions actuelles offertes aux employeurs
  • Les lacunes qui doivent être comblées par l’employeur et l’assureur pour aider les femmes à se sentir épaulées dans leur parcours santé au travail
10:30 AM - 11:00 AM ET


 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM ET

S25 - Pension 

The Decumulation Challenge

Marianne Nguyen, Program Director, Decumulation. Sun Life

Five million Canadians will reach age 65 this decade, resulting in the need to transform a considerable amount of wealth into a sustainable retirement income. A guided approach to building a retirement nest-egg can help increase members' confidence that their savings will last a lifetime.

  • What options are available to employers to help their employees at this important part of their life stage?
  • What are plan members seeking?
  • What's needed in our industry to cater to the specific needs to ensure retirement readiness?
  • What's at stake?

Sun Life's Decumulation Director, Group Retirement Services, will share some insights from research and give plan sponsors a blueprint to help employees be retirement ready.

S26 - Benefits    LIVE BROADCAST FROM OTTAWA to online participants

Diverse Minds, Inclusive Spaces: Navigating Neurodiversity in Your Organization

Martin Prévost, Co-founder and Director of Job Coaching, Neuroplus
Speaker 2 : TBC
Speaker 3: TBC

Moderator: Janine McInnis, Associate Vice President, Hub

This session will focus on navigating neurodiversity in the workplace and creating an inclusive workplace that recognizes and accommodates diverse needs. Session will explore ways employers can support neurodivergent employees, discuss the evolving landscape, fulfilling legal obligations regarding accommodation, and incorporating neurodiversity supports into your employee benefits plan.

S27 - Investment 

ESG Consideration in Bond and Private Investments

Sue McNamara, Senior Vice President, Fixed Income, Head of Responsible Investing, Beutel Goodman Investment Counsel
Olivia Muir, Head Sustainability Real-Estate & Private Markets (REPM), UBS 

ESG has become a key consideration in investment decisions. However, much of the discussion has often centered around the general principles that apply to ESG.

In this session, the panelists will discuss how ESG principles can be applied in the management of a portfolio from a public markets and a private markets perspective. The discussion will include the factors to be considered in the management of a portfolio from an ESG perspective and the measures that can be used to monitor the behavior of a portfolio from an ESG standpoint.

S28 - French

à venir

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM ET

   LIVE BROADCAST FROM OTTAWA to online participants

1:00 PM - 2:00 PM ET

Closing Lunch 

Dear speakers,  

Thank you for accepting to participate as speaker in the CPBI FORUM 2024 that will take place from June 10th to the 12th at the Fairmont Château Laurier Hotel in Ottawa, ON.

Attached is your speaker agreement - please review, sign, and return it to me. Thank you in advance for accepting that your session be recorded so it can be made available on demand for online participants.  

Timing: Tuesday, June 6 at 9:30 am CT

Duration: 60 minutes, including Q&A  

Location: Fairmont Château Laurier Hotel in Ottawa, ON

Session title:


·        Name

·        name

Material needed to promote the session:

Description: TBC at the planning meeting

Learning Objectives: TBC at the planning meeting

Speakers’ bio and photo: refer to the speaker agreement.

Material for the session

PPT presentation:

-        Please provide in PPT format.

-        You can use your company’s template, but make sure to keep your logo on the cover and the Q&A slide only.

-        Please send your PPT by May 24th. You can send a revised version until June 5th.  

Broadcast/on demand:

FORUM is a hybrid conference; therefore, your session will be recorded and available on demand for the online FORUM attendees. We ask your permission to record the session and have it available on the event platform. Please sign the speaker agreement attached to permit us to record your presentation.

CE credits

Your session would be eligible for CE credits. Participants who attend online are required to complete a short quiz in order to receive their CE credits. For this, we ask that you provide us with 5 multiple-choice questions that we will use to build the quiz for your session. Please provide the quiz questions by May 24, 2024

Complimentary Speaker Pass: please use the coupon in your speaker agreement to register here: .

I also invite you to a take a moment to explore the FORUM agenda so you can better plan your travel:

Accommodation:  We have reserved one room at the Hotel Fairmont for you. Please confirm the date of arrival and departure so we can confirm your reservation. The CPBI will cover one night at the Fairmont hotel;   one night will be charged to the master bill and the second will be charged to you at the $309 which is the preferential rate for FORUM attendees.

Thank you,


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