Monday June 14, 2021

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8:30 AM -  9:30 AM ET

Séance 1 (French) 

 Un mocktail 
10 AM -  11 AM ET

Santé et mieux-être des employés : 8 indicateurs à surveiller pour envisager une reprise optimale   (French) 

Catherine Laberge
Directrice de section, développements des affaires, assurance groupes et entreprises
Desjardins Assurance

Dominique Savard
Directeur principal, développement des affaires
Desjardins Assurances

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11 AM - 12 PM ET


Roy Sauderson, MA, CRP 
Chief Learning Officer, Engage2Excel
Founder of the Recognition Management Institute, Author of Practicing Recognition

In this keynote session, you’ll learn the value and power of giving Real Recognition™ the right way, wherever you work. Discover how giving meaningful, frequent, and effective recognition, transforms people’s lives and elevates their performance. Awaken yourself to giving amazing recognition and see why you should stop saying “good job!” Make Real Recognition™ your bridge to connect with work from home staff and everyone you work with. As we forge ahead in this brave new, hybrid workplace world we work in, make Real Recognition™ a dynamic tool to have in your toolbox.

Attend to:

  1. Understand what Real Recognition™ is and the impact it has on people and their health and overall wellbeing.
  2. Learn some key practical skills for giving better and more meaningful recognition every time you acknowledge someone or say thanks.
  3. Know the best ways to recognize work from home employees and other employees at all levels of the organization.

 Unleash your creative side

A virtual icebreaker where everyone feels connected 

12: 30 PM - 1:30 PM ET

Current Trends in Pension Employer Services


Stephen James
Linea Solutions

Robert Bowness
Director – Employer Operations
BC Pension Corp

The processes and technology used by Pension Plans to interact with employers are evolving at an ever-growing pace, and are critical, now more than ever in this new remote work environment. During this presentation, Stephen and Robert will bring different perspectives into this evolving landscape.

Stephen will leverage his experience working with various pension plans across North America to present the leading trends in employer services. Areas covered will include:

  1. Employer Activism – How to engage employers in ensuring data quality, member support and education and strategic partnerships.
  2. Enabling technologies – What functionality is available to employers and the integration of various systems used to support employer services and plan administration
  3. Data analytics – How is data analytics being used to better serve the employer base and ultimately members

Throughout the presentation, Robert will provide examples of best practices in action through the initiatives currently underway at BC Pension Corp to enhance their employer services. BC Pension Corp serves over 1,100 employers, from the very small having a handful of employees, to the very large having tens of thousands of employees. Robert will discuss how they have tailored their strategy to account for the plethora of employer profiles. Topics covered will include:

  1. The shift to online education
  2. Employer Networking groups
  3. Employer Partnership summaries
  4. Data analytics

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2 PM  - 3 PM ET

How COVID-19 Changed the claims landscape

Sandra Ventin
Associate Vice President, Benefits & Health
Gallagher Canada

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our world, and behaviours, in more ways than we can count.

Lockdowns, the move to virtual healthcare, vaccine rollout, and the shuttering of practitioners for months on end has upended the healthcare, and claims, landscape. How do we navigate this uncertain climate when it comes to managing a benefit plan?

Sandra Ventin will take a deep dive into real-time emerging trends in the benefits claims space and paint a picture of the path forward as we grapple with an unprecedented time for plan sponsors.

With case studies from real clients, Sandra will leave attendees with:

  • A clear picture of how claims have shifted in the past year
  • What trends are emerging for 2021 and beyond
  • Actionable steps to equip plan sponsors with the tools to navigate this changing landscape
   Let's get moving 
3:30 PM  - 4:30 PM ET

Fixed Income: Unique approaches to searching for Yield

Jean-Francois Paquin
Vice-President, Asset Allocation 
Trans-Canada Capital Inc

Carlo DiLalla 
Vice-President and Head, Client Portfolio Management & Solutions
CIBC Asset Management

Tuesday June 15, 2021

8:30 AM -  9:30 AM ET

Pourquoi les soins de santé virtuels sont l’avenir des avantages sociaux?  (French) 

Dr. Marc Robin MD
Directeur médical

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 On respire  ...

Exercice guidé pour pour s'énergiser et réduire notre stress.

10 AM -  11 AM ET

Les tendances actuelles du service aux employeurs pour les régimes de retraites  (French) 

Vincent Houle
Senior Consultant
Linea Solutions

Pierre-Luc Chenier
Assistant Director – Policy

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11 AM - 12 PM ET

Tackling Privacy and Cyber-Risks: Issues and Strategies for Employers, Plan Administrators, Suppliers and Advisor

Michael Whitt
Bennett Jones LLP

Speaker 2:TBC

Jordan Fremont
Bennett Jones LLP

The administration of pension or benefit plans give rise to significant issues involving privacy and data protection. The high volume of sensitive information collected and stored in connection with these plans means that a security or privacy breach in connection with this information can give rise to substantial regulatory and litigation exposure for the entity managing the plan.

The management of pension and benefit plans is supported by a network of different service providers, suppliers and advisors, which, in our increasingly digitized world, regularly rely upon electronic communication and document transmission, retention and processing systems. The digitization of these services, which has accelerated through the COVID-19 pandemic, provides important efficiencies and opportunities to increase productivity. This has introduced new tools, new workflows, new service providers, and new ways of collaborating with each other and with clients. At the same time, the expanded and changing use of electronic systems increases potential exposure to cyber-security threats, and the potential for harm arising from those threats. These cyber-related risks are receiving increased attention from regulators, including regulators of pension plans and financial institutions.

In this session we will:

• provide an overview of changes to the digital environment and identify systemic and local changes to operational risk profiles.
• provide a legal overview of the cyber-risk framework in the pension and benefits plan context;
• discuss data governance, operating procedures and controls for identifying and managing cyber-risk and privacy issues, including strategies for service provider, supplier and advisor engagements; and
• provide practical guidance on how to prepare and implement a cyber-incident response plan and readiness stance.


 Breath .... 

10 minutes guided breathing exercise to relax your brain and energize your body

12: 30 PM - 1:30 PM ET

Health by Design – How Science and Technology Support Health and Wellness

Donna Carbell
Head of Group Benefits

Benefit plans have come a long way! Gone are the days when health insurers would simply transact with members and pay their claims. Advances in science, technology and predictive analytics have made it so insurers can play a much larger role in helping plan members stay well or return to their optimal level of health. Donna Carbell will walk you through the Health by Design approach to benefits, which ensures members get the right care at the right time, helping them attain and maintain their health, while also maximizing the amount and quality of time they spend at work.

Attend to learn

  1. Ways in which benefit plans have evolved through the years
  2. How science, technology and predictive analytics can help plan members
  3. Why the new measure of a Group Benefits plan should be how well it helps members maintain and attain their health


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2 PM  - 3 PM ET

Retirement Reimagined 

Tammy Vigue
Retirement Coach & Consultant

(Draft) Although it may be tempting to think that by offering employees a generous group retirement savings program, you have fulfilled your role in preparing them for retirement; the reality is that employees want (and need) more.

A recent Benefits Canada survey found that nearly half of group retirement plan members aged 45+ want advice on Retirement Lifestyle Planning.

Besides wondering “Do I have enough money to retire?” (a question typically addressed with traditional pension education programs), employees may also be struggling with “What am I retiring to?”

And although it may feel that this isn’t within the scope of workplace benefits, there are compelling reasons to integrate this into your workplace wellness programs.

This session offers a new vision of retirement planning. You will:

  1. Learn why retirement lifestyle planning is important, and how to integrate it into a workplace wellness program.
  2. Understand the biggest challenges facing your organization if you don’t address lifestyle planning as part of retirement readiness.
  3. Discover 3 essential components of a successful retirement lifestyle planning program.

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3:30 PM  - 4:30 PM ET

Expert Panel on Alternative Investments: Real-Estate, Infrastructure & Private Debt

Catherine Marshall
Principal Consultant
RealAlts: Global Real Asset Investment Cons

Lezlie Mintz
Vice President - Business Development
ACM Advisors

Perry Offut
Managing director
Head of UBS Infrastructure for the Americas

Speaker 4: TBC

Wednesday June 16, 2021 

8:30 AM -  9:30 AM ET

Séance 5 (French) 


Bien s'installer pour mieux penser 

10 AM -  11 AM ET

Des outils éprouvés pour le retour au travail durable : Évaluation du sentiment d’efficacité pour surmonter les obstacles et aménagements de travail  (Français) 

Marc Corbière, PhD., c.o.
Professeur titulaire/Full Professor en counseling de carrière, Département d'éducation et pédagogie, UQAM
Chercheur au Centre de recherche de l’Institut Universitaire en Santé Mentale de Montréal (CR-IUSMM)
Titulaire de la Chaire de recherche santé mentale et travail, Fondation de l’IUSMM

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11 AM - 12 PM ET

Plan Sponsor Panel Insights

Graeme Hay
CIO - TRAF (Teacher’s Retirement Allowance Fund) – Winnipeg, Manitoba

Michel Malo
CIO of Provident 10 (Newfoundland, Labrador) 

Nick DeLisi 
Associate Partner, Head of DC Investments - Canada

Some of the uestions that this panel will address:

  • What has been your experience over the past 12 months?
  • Anything in particular that you would you like to share with your peers (other plan sponsors) about your the investment of your Fund’s assets?
  • Has your Fund altered the mix of its Portfolio, if so, how?
  • Has your approach to in-house vs. external mandates changed over the past 12 months?

 Are you doing it right? 

Standing, sitting? How can you make sure your body is in the optimal position to avoid injuries.

12: 30 PM - 1:30 PM ET

Employee health and financial wellness: 6 indicators to watch for to promote an optimal recovery  

Jennifer Katzsch
Regional Vice-President,Western Canada
Desjardins Insurance 

Lancelot Lambert 
Director Business Development, Group Insurance,

Desjardins Insurance

It’s been a year since the pandemic began, and we’re starting to measure its profound impact on employee well-being. Depression, obesity, addiction, loneliness and financial anxiety – these are just a few of the time bombs threatening their health, their family and their work. Which leaves an unsettling question for employers: When?

In 2008, it was only once the crisis was over that companies got hit with a surge of disability cases. What can we do to avoid that same thing happening again in 2021? What are the warning signs to look for? What resources do Canadian employers have at their disposal to help their employees recover physically, mentally and financially?

This web conference is really a tally of the human toll the pandemic has taken. It points out the key indicators to manage in order to build a stronger and more resilient workplace.

Attend to 

  • Identify the 6 key indicators to manage/watch out
  • Build a simple workplace dashboard
  • Encourage whichc Behaviors to adopt to reinforce a stronger workplace

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2 PM  - 3 PM ET

Vaccination in the workplace, everything you need to know!

Dr. Vivien Brown,  MDCM, CCFP, FCFP, NCMP
Assistant Professor, University of Toronto
VP North America, Medical Women’s International Association

Brad Proctor
Office Lead Partner
McIness Cooper LLP

Plan sponsors play an important role in employee education and understanding of immunization. In this session our medical expert will  provide an understanding of the importance of essential vaccinations in preventative health care, the physical and psychosocial impacts of vaccines to improve workplace productivity and the steps to facilitate access to vaccination. While our legal expert will provide clarity around workplace policies, privacy and human rights when it comes to the employer discussion around vaccines.


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3:30 PM  - 4:30 PM ET

Supporting the needs and wants of Canadians

Chris Jansen
AVP, Plan Member Guidance & Solutions
Canada Life

Stability and security are top of mind for many Canadians right now. How can you help them manage their present circumstances while also keeping an eye on the future? Experts and advice matter. Even though we’re doing more things online, people still prefer to speak with an expert when it comes to big decisions. Whether it’s about insurance or other benefits, or about savings options in the near or long term, personalized advice can help make these decisions easier.

Attend to learn more about how getting personal can lead to better results.

  • Everyone's life and personal situations are different.
  • We value and expect personalization --- think of Starbucks, Amazon, social media, etc.
  • The pandemic has increased the value of planning for many and there has been a shift in what we find most important (highest priority is caring for others and sense of control).

Thursday June 17, 2021 

8:30 AM -  9:30 AM ET

Séance 7 (French) 

10 AM -  11 AM ET
Biosimilaires : de la politique de transfert à sa mise en application : apprentissages, ressources et économies (French) 

11 AM - 12 PM ET

Panel on Upcoming Changes to High Drug Costs in Canada

Dan Berty
Executive Director
Canadian Drug Insurance Pooling Corporation (CDIPC)

Wayne Critchley
Fformer Chair of the PMPRB and Senior Associate
Global Public Affairs

Peter Ricci
Senior Pharmacy Consultant
Co-operators Life Insurance Company

The Patent Medicines Pricing Review Board (PMPRB) has recently released a number of recommendations and reforms that have the potential to save plan sponsors in Canada significantly on drug costs – to the tune of hundreds of millions.  While this is welcome news given the steady escalation of the price of many new medications, there are a number of considerations that may limit the savings plan sponsors will ultimately see.   Dan Berty of the Canadian Drug Insurance Pooling Corporation (CDIPC) and Wayne Critchley, former Chair of the PMPRB and Senior Associate at Global Public Affairs will offer their opinions and discuss what these changes could mean and what plan sponsors can realistically expect.  This proves to be a timely and interesting session of interest to both plan sponsors and plan advisors alike.


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12: 30 PM - 1:30 PM ET

Are DB Pensions Plans Worth Saving? Are they still relevant?

Derek W. Dobson
CAAT Pension Plan

Session description

Even before the coronavirus disrupted our lives, the pension world was changing to accommodate new demands from employers and their employees. The recent market uncertainty has for many employers accelerated the move to free themselves from pension risks and liabilities. Pension coverage and retirement income adequacy are how good pension and benefits systems are measured, and Canada is falling behind. Should we be concerned? If yes, what can be done about it?
This session will explore how the Canadian pension system is evolving and address the following questions: Are Canadians ready for life in retirement? How are demographic changes making retirement preparedness more important for Canada? What role does the retirement savings system have in supporting Canadian values and social programs? Are Canadians willing to be part of the retirement solution? Are all retirement arrangements of equal value and efficiency?

Attend to:
Learn about trends and how they impact existing pension plans and government policy
Understand the growing gap in coverage and adequacy and the role workplace pensions should play for the benefit of members, employers, and Canada
Review research that provides insights into pension plan design and communications
Explore recent innovations and the key drivers of change.


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2 PM  - 3 PM ET

The Emerging Markets Investment Opportunity

Zarqaa Shaikh
Associate Portfolio Manager

Ed Wallace
Investment Manager Guardian


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3:30 PM  - 4:30 PM ET

Rethink Obesity – Why it should matter for Employers and Benefits Advisors

Dr. Jonathan Gabor
Obesity specialist

Nicole Ardiel
Benefits Consultant

Did you know? By 2030, it’s estimated that more than 30% of Canadian adults will be living with obesity. It’s more important than ever to educate ourselves about obesity, its impact on our health, and how we can best support those living with this chronic disease. Join an Obesity Specialist and Benefits Advisor for an informative and engaging discussion where they will share the latest facts we need to know about obesity and the important role of plan sponsors/advisors in respectfully creating a holistic obesity support system

Attend to

  • Understand the science of obesity.
  • Be equipped with an agnostic/evidence-based library of tools to support employees/families impacted by obesity.


Friday June 18, 2021

8:30 AM -  9:30 AM ET
Répondre aux besoins et aux désirs des Canadiens (French)

Carole Lemay
Conseillère en assurance et rentes collectives
Canada Vie

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10 AM -  11 AM ET
Séance 10 (French) 

11:15 AM - 12 PM ET

The Future of Work 

Chester Elton & Adrian Gostick 

What are managers to do now that operations are headed to a new way of working? How do they build and maintain culture, ensure accountability, and focus their people on the right behavior inthis new future of work?

New York Times bestselling authors and top-ten global leadership experts Adrain Gostick & Chester Elton help organizations to work more effectively in multidimensional cultures

In Line with the launch of their new book, Anxiety at Work, by New York Times best selling authors Adrian Gostick & Chester Elton; The first 200 individuals who purchase a registration for CPBI FORUM and also attend the June 18th session entitled The Future of Work, sponsored by Canada Life, will receive a paper copy of New York Times best selling authors Adrian Gostick & Chester Elton’s new book “Anxiety at Work” mailed to their address of choice.

Sponsored by

Canada Life


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12: 30 PM - 1:30 PM ET

Why virtual care is the future of health benefits

Dr. Marc Robin MD
Medical Director

Did you know that less than 40% of Canadians can get a same-day appointment with a doctor? The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the issue and also thrust virtual care in the spotlight. In this session hosted by Dr. Marc Robin, Medical Director at Dialogue, discover how virtual care not only empowers patients and places them at the center of the healthcare experience but also has become a key benefit for organizations to offer their members.

Attend to: 

  • Explore the current frustrations Canadians experience within the traditional healthcare model
  • Review the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on access to healthcare
  • Discover key benefits of virtual care and what Canadians are looking for in their healthcare providers
  • Uncover the impact of virtual care on employers and organizations
  • Discuss future applications and considerations for virtual care

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2 PM  - 3 PM ET

ESG and Pension Eco-system: Roles and Responsibilities

Karen Lockridge
Director, ESG Investing
Canada Post Corporation Pension Plan

Priti Shokeen
Head of ESG Research and Engagement
TD Asset Management

Christie Stephenson
Executive Director
Peter P. Dhillon Centre for Business Ethics, UBC Sauder School of Business

Kevin Thomas
Chief Executive Officer
Shareholder Association for Research and Education

Ravipal Bains
Senior Associate
McMillan LLP

ESG is very topical in the post-COVID investment climate. What roles do the various players take in the development and execution of ESG policies, procedures and their implementation and oversight? Hear the perspectives of a pension board member, a plan sponsor, an investment manager and a service provider as to how they come together to fulfill their roles. 


 Breath .... 

10 minutes guided breathing exercise to relax your brain and energize your body

3:30 PM  - 4:30 PM ET

Session 25 




At the end of the session, the audience will understand the science of obesity and be equipped with an agnostic/evidence-based library of tools to support employees/families impacted by obesity
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