Short videos and News Feed on the COVID-19 situation :

Frequent updates Revenu Québec 


2020-07-06 Benefits Canada  

Feds announce new temporary relief measures for pension plan sponsors 


Adoption of the 2020 agreement respecting multi-jurisdictional pension plans

2020-05-05 Government of Canada, Revenue Agency

Temporary Covid-19 relief measure for money purchase (defined contribution) pension plans 


Revenu Québec   
COVID-19: Temporary easing measure regarding life income funds (LIFs)   


Canadian Chamber of Commerce   
CEBA expansion and commercial rent program positive steps, but many SMEs still cannot benefit says Canadian Chamber   

2020-04-15 Government of Canada, Department of Finance Canada   

Government announces relief for federally regulated pension plan sponsors  


All about the Canada Emergency wage  

2020-04-06 Revenu Québec 

Relief measures for individuals and businesses  

2020-04-03 Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions  

Measures – FAQs for Federally Regulated Private Pension Plans  

2020-04-03 Retraite Québec 

Administration of supplemental pension plans  

2020-03-27 Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions     

Actions to Address Issues Stemming from COVID-19