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Earn Rewards When You Recruit CPBI Members


Until September 30, 2016, receive a $25 gift card for each new member* you refer to CPBI!

How does it work?
Encourage colleagues and friends to join CPBI. Once signed up, ask them to complete he survey in their CPBI profile and enter your name and email under the question “How did you hear about CPBI?”. After DATE, we will add the number of referrals you have and send you your gift card.
The more members you recruit the more gift cards you accumulate. It’s that simple.

Tips on How to Convince Your Colleagues to Join the CPBI:

  1. Did you know that the CPBI is the oldest and the largest national network for professionals in the pension and benefits industry in Canada! You should join and expand your network!
  2. As a member you enjoy substantial savings on educational sessions organized across Canada. It is the optimal opportunity to lear and share best practices.
  3. A CPBI membership gives you access to year round free online webinars (a value of $ 90$ per webinar), as well, you can access the member-exclusive library of past sessions recordings and presentations.
  4. Attend a local regional conferences or the National FORUM and automatically receive a $375 discount on your registration fee, enought to pay back your membership and more.
  5. Don"t forget that by becoming a CPBI member now, your membership will be valid until December 31st of 2017; that’s 6 free months of CPBI membership!”

There’s no limit to how many referrals you can make, so start earning with CPBI today!

Have questions? email us at

*For this promotion, a new member is considered as someone who has no past records of a CPBI membership in the last 3 years, including those purchased with a different employer.
Referrals will be counted towards this promotion until September 17th. Gift cards will be sent in the form of prepaid credit cards.

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