Disability Case Manager (1 Permanent, 1 Full Time 12 Month Term) (270418) (4875)

Job Posting

Disability Case Manager (1 Permanent, 1 Full Time 12 Month Term) (270418)
Organization:  Manitoba Blue Cross
Province:  Manitoba
Location:  Winnipeg


The Disability Case Manager is responsible for assessing applications for Disability benefits and delivering Disability Case Management Services in accordance with Blue Cross Life policies and goals, in order to reduce the effects of the claimant’s condition/disability so that early recovery and return to productive employment is realized to the fullest extent possible.


  • Analyzes and adjudicates applications for Weekly Indemnity, Long Term Disability and Waiver of Premium claims. Communicates decisions to claimants in a timely and professional manner.
  • Conducts complete and thorough case management assessment through claimant intake interview (including field visitations as required), review of medical information, employer interview, discussion with the medical consultant, etc.
  • Initiates payments for eligible claims.
  • Provides Early Intervention and intensive case management for cases with a specific focus on early recovery and return to productive employment.
  • Develops a case management plan for each assigned claimant including rehabilitation goals, projected costs, timelines, etc.  The plan is developed in collaboration with the claimant, employer and other key stakeholders.
  • Maintains contact with employers throughout the case management process regarding return to work programs, ergonomic modifications, outcomes, rehabilitation, etc.
  • Corresponds with appropriate parties to arrange additional services such as IME, FCE, nurse home visit or other services to assist in the development and implementation of the case management plan.
  • Ensures that claimants secure all relevant benefits from external agencies, including CPP, EI, WCB, MPI, etc. and assists them as required in this respect.
  • Maintains a case record detailing progress for each assigned client.
  • Ensures all claimant information and records are kept confidential and handled in compliance with applicable health records legislation.
  • Ensures all case files are comprehensive, complete and documented in compliance with generally accepted management and legal principals.
  • Maintains an active and professional profile in the Disability Case Management/ Rehabilitation community in Manitoba.
  • As approved, initiates personal professional development as may be required to remain effective in this position.


  • Dedicated to the principles of exceptional service, committed to responding to, anticipating, and addressing customer needs, for both internal and external customers.
  • Post-secondary degree or equivalent in rehabilitation, occupational or physical therapy, nursing, psychology, or a similar discipline and 2 to 5 years related experience.
  • Strong customer service orientation.
  • Experience in the development, execution, and monitoring of individualized treatment/ rehabilitation plans.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, ability to relate well with claimants and all levels of sponsor organizations.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills, ability to prepare and conduct presentations and demonstrated experience in report writing.
  • Strong computer skills (including Word, Excel, to the extent necessary to generate individual case management correspondence and reports) and ability to understand a variety of computer system applications.
  • Good organizational and business skills, including an appreciation for the administrative aspects of case management and claims adjudication.
  • Demonstrated case management skills, including work in the areas of mental health, chronic pain, and other medically complex cases requiring more intensive treatment or rehabilitation plans.
  • Above average judgment and problem solving skills.
  • Ability to recognize the need to utilize appropriate resources.
  • Knowledge of applicable laws and regulations.
  • Knowledge of CPP, Workers’ Compensation, and other publicly sponsored worker assistance programs.
  • An understanding of and empathy for the business goals and values of sponsoring employer organizations.
  • Prior experience in a rehabilitation management company or other related industry an asset.
  • NIDMAR certification is an asset.
  • Additional certification in Case Management is an asset.
  • Availability of an automobile and valid Manitoba Driver’s License.

Manitoba Blue Cross offers a competitive salary, and benefits package.  Qualified applicants should forward a resume and cover letter, indicating salary expectations, by Friday, May 11, 2018.