½ Day Conference: Employer Challenge - Drug Plan Sustainability in an Era of Specialty Drugs – An Evolving Landscape

November 20, 2014 7:30 AM to 11:45 AMHyatt Regency, Vancouver, British Columbia
Area of Interest: Benefits Format: In Person

Session Description:

As the Canadian private payer specialty drug reimbursement landscape continues to evolve in Canada, it is valuable for Canadian employers, benefit consultants and advisors to be aware of specialty drug coverage issues and approaches in order to ensure future sustainability of employer drug coverage for specialty drugs.

Learning objectives include:

  • Review private payer reimbursement trends in Canada
  • Review the issues and approaches for employers in providing drug coverage for current/future specialty drugs
  • Hepatitis C breakthrough therapies and the implications for plan sponsors
  • Gain understanding of the offerings and value of manufacturers’ drug patient support programs for employees/patients


This conference is sponsored by AbbVie Canada, and speakers include:

  • John McGrath, Sr. Vice President Human Capital Practice at Willis
  • Joanne Jung, Director Pharmacy Services at Pacific Blue Cross
  • Dr. Alnoor Ramji, Gastroenterologist
  • Cathy Fuchs, White Willow Consulting


Registration Fee: 

This session is free to all CPBI members. A registration fee of $40 applies to non-members.

Cancellation Policy

Detailed Schedule  


7:30 Breakfast
8:00 Meeting Chair- John McGrath: Introduction, meeting objectives
8:10 Private Payer Reimbursement Issues and Challenges for Specialty Drugs (Willis - John McGrath, Sr. Vice President Human Capital Practice / Pacific Blue Cross - Joanne Jung, Director Pharmacy Services)
8:35 BioInsights II – Biologics “Playbook” reference tool for advisors Drug Plan framework for a “Biologics Formulary Management” designed by plan advisors (speaker TBC)
9:30 BREAK
9:50 Manufacturers Drug Patient Support Programs – what value do they offer? (Humira PROGRESS Program Overview - AbbVie)
10:20 New treatment Paradigms in Hepatitis C and implications for Canadian employers (Gastroenterologist - Dr. Alnoor Ramji)
11:00 How do we assure drug benefit plan sustainability? (Presentation: White Willow Consulting - Cathy Fuchs / Panel Discussion - All presenters, Cathy Fuchs (moderator)
11:45 Meeting Conclusion - John McGrath (Lunch)