CPBI Manitoba: Appreciation Event!

October 17, 2019 5:30 PM to 10:00 PMThe Metropolitan Entertainment Centre, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Area of Interest: Networking Format:
Tickets available after August 15th, by contacting the Manitoba CPBI office or Glen Anderson.
Fees and Registration
Membership TypesRegular Price
Regular membership$19.05 CDN
Plan Sponsor Individual Membership$19.05 CDN
Associate$19.05 CDN
Student$19.05 CDN
Non Member$19.05 CDN
Member PriceNon Member Price
six of 6$114.00 CDN$114.00 CDN
three of 3$57.14 CDN$160.71 CDN
ten of 10$190.49 CDN$190.49 CDN
seven of 7$133.00 CDN$133.00 CDN
eight of 8$152.38 CDN$428.57 CDN
five of 5$95.24 CDN$95.24 CDN