Providing Your Employees with a Greater Degree of Certainty ... in Retirement!

April 16, 2014 8:00 AM to 10:00 AMAshburn Golf Club, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Area of Interest: Pensions Format: In Person

Inadequate savings, highly volatile and relatively low annuity rates, big swings in equity markets, and a seemingly unsurmountable educational mountain:  the past number of years have highlighted the challenges employees in DC plans need to overcome if they’re to make life long financial decisions with any level of confidence.  Employees are working longer than they would have imagined, and they have a reduced perception of the value of what your plan provides.  To improve the current situation and mitigate future negative impacts on your workforce and business as boomers begin to retire en masse, plan sponsors need to take action now while there is an opportunity to change the outcomes.  

This session will share insights on:

  • How Canadians are currently saving for retirement, what this means in terms of income adequacy and how you position your DC plan with employees
  • Effective strategies to better prepare your employees for retirement and provide a greater degree of certainty in income levels
  • How improving your employees’ retirement income certainty can improve your bottom line

Guest Speakers:

Janice Holman; Principal, Eckler Ltd.

Blair Richards; CEO, Halifax Port ILA/HEA

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8:00am -   8:30am      Registration & Buffet Breakfast
8:30am - 10:00am      Speaker Presentations

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