Cannabis at Work, October 19, 2016

October 19, 2016 8:00 AM to 11:30 AMRoyal Mayfair Golf and Country Club, Edmonton, Alberta
Area of Interest: Benefits, Networking Format: In Person
Alison McMahon is a Certified Human Resources Professional, educator, consultant and entrepreneur. After 10 years of providing HR solutions to customers ac ross Canada, she founded Cannabis at Work, a firm specializing in education and strategies for employers managing medical cannabis patients in the workplace. Alison is a Term Instructor at the MacEwan University School of Business.
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The purpose of this session is to provide a strong foundation to insurers, benefits professionals and HR practitioners on the curent state of medical marijuana in Canada. As patient numbers are growing rapidly we must have a basic education on this topic in order to manage it effectively in our workplace and on behalf of our clients.

Session participants will learn about

- the history of cannabis in Canada

- the science of cannabis

- patient demographics

- current regulations

- case law and lessons learned from court and arbitration decisions

- the employer`s duty to accommodate medical marijuana and a duty to maintain a safe work environment

- what coverage exists and the challenges for insurers.

Cannabis is a highly stigmatized topic. This course is not intended to change opinions but to inform and ensure individuals have an understanding of the facts related to cannabis regulations, risks and opportunities.